Headshot Resume Printing

Pricing based on ordering Headshot Prints at the same time

  • Resumes on Separate 8 x 10 Paper  

  • 25 QTY- $15   50 QTY- $15   100 QTY- $20

  • Blank 8 x 10 Sheets of Resume Paper 

  •  25 QTY- $7.99   50 QTY-$11.99   100 QTY-$15

Tips about headshot resume printing

  • We can print your resumes on separate 8 x 10 high quality paper for you to attach to the back of your headshot prints.
  • Our Headshot Prints do not have a watermark on the back and MAY work on some home printers.
  • Though many actors may think it is unprofessional, it has been standard practice for decades to print your resume on 8 x 10 paper and staple to the back of your headshot prints at each corner or glue stick the resume to the back.
  • When you print your resumes on the back, the casting director that is viewing your headshot may think you have not updated or needed to update your resume. They get the immediate impression that you pre-printed several copies of your headshots with the same resume and that looks bad.
  • What if you print 25 resumes on the back of your headshots and then you find a typo  on your resume? You just wasted all your headshots.