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Here at Print Headshots we have several different Headshot Photo Layouts

Final Size 8 x 10 on High Quality Photo Paper (no watermarks on the back)

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This is the industry’s standard layout for headshot prints. This layout has standard white borders all around with your name on the bottom. These layouts ensure  that your image WIL NOT BE cropped. You may also have your name justified to the right or left of the headshot. Casting directors prefer this headshot layout since the borders allow them to make crucial notes on the headshot borders. At Print Headshots, you can also request black borders.

(Full Bleed-No Borders)

This print headshot layout has no borders and your image bleeds off the edges. You can choose from vertical or landscaped. However, not all images are suitable for this layout. Depending on the proportions of the image, there could be major cropping in order to make it a full bleed. Depending on the background of the photo, you may need to choose a full bleed layout that has a name bar across the headshot so the name can be easily read.

Print Headshots also offers headshots with corner insert images.  Typically a commercial image for the main shot and a theatrical for the insert corner.

Print Headshots, offers all headshots in either white, black or full bleed borders.

When you go through the order form, there will be a larger selection of layouts to choose from.  If a  layout that you want is not seen, you may email us for a custom layout